The Band

Meet TumbleTown

TumbleTown is the brainchild of two experienced musicians in the progressive rock realm – Han Uil (known for his work with Seven Day Hunt, Antares, and solo endeavours), Aldo Adema (a prominent figure in Egdon Heath and Seven Day Hunt).
Later on, Erik Laan (Silhouette and Chain Reaktor) reinforced TumbleTown with his synth wizardry skills.
These three musical veterans combined their talents to create compelling rock music.

Aldo and Han’s musical journey began during their time in Seven Day Hunt, a project that evolved from Egdon Heath. Their debut release in 2008, ‘File This Dream’, received positive reviews, earning accolades like “the album of the year has come early” (Progwereld) and described as “vette krent” (iO pages).

In 2009, Aldo decided to shift his focus towards studio recording and production, while Han embarked on his second solo album, ‘Dark in Light’ (2010). A fruitful collaboration on the track ‘Memento’ laid the foundation for the birth of TumbleTown, driven by their successful musical partnership.

In 2013, TumbleTown’s debut album, ‘Done with the Coldness’, was released through FREIA Music, an independent Dutch label. This album seamlessly blended elements of progressive and mainstream rock, drawing inspiration from artists like Steve Wilson, Karmakanic, The Beatles, Marillion, Jethro Tull, Spock’s Beard, Peter Hammill, and David Bowie. The album featured guest appearances from Erik Laan on keyboards, Marcel Copini (from Egdon Heath & Seven Day Hunt) on bass, and Carola Magermans (Seven Day Hunt) contributing her vocals.

In 2015, Han dropped his third solo album, ‘Lawless Local Heroes’, but the TumbleTown story was far from over. Aldo and Han decided to embark on a second album, joined by Silhouette’s keyboardist, Erik Laan, officially making it a trio. The result was ‘Never Too Late’ in 2018, featuring ten captivating tracks, all anchored by the rhythmic mastery of guest drummer Arjan Laan (Skylake, Chain Reaktor), Erik’s son.

While Han continued to release solo albums, including ‘Esoteric Euphony’ (2019) and ‘Walking in Circles’ (2022), Erik and Arjan were busy crafting Chain Reaktor’s debut album, ‘Homesick’, which saw the light of day in 2021.

Now, five years after ‘Never Too Late,’ TumbleTown returns presenting their latest creation, ‘On the Highwire’. This album boasts ten fresh and musically captivating songs that explore a wide range of lyrical themes.
Brace yourselves for TumbleTown’s triumphant return by crafting meaningful progressive rock.